What does “Non-Competing Broker” mean?

Non-Competing Broker means the BIC (Broker In Charge) Does Not Actively Participate in Real Estate Sales in Competition with SMR Business Partners. The only time the BIC is involved in Commission Related Work is the Large Commercial Projects that require advanced expertise, or the Mentoring Program.


What does “Co-Broke Commercial Projects with 50%-50% Split” mean?

SmartMAP Realty’s Broker is also a Land Planner with the expertise to analyze and coordinate Large Projects for Development. These projects usually require specialized abilities that the average Realtor does not have nor need in normal day to day operations. If a Business Partner brings a client/property to SMR. These Projects are Usually Large and Complicated, so SMR has the expertise and takes the lead doing most of the legwork involved while the Business Partner shares in a Larger than¬† Average Commission.


What Commission do I charge my Clients?

Commissions are Totally Negotiable and SmartMAP Realty has No Minimum Commission Requirement. As long as the Commission Rate is Legally Appropriate, you can charge any commission that you and your client agree to.


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