Land Planning Services

I also provide Land Planning Services to my clients free of charge as part of my Value Added Service as a Real Estate Broker.  Like any other Broker, I get paid by commission, and  in addition I do not charge extra for these Planning Consulting Services:

Consulting Services:  I council and advise my clients in examining the highest and best use for the property, whether selling or buying.

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Site Analysis (Preliminary):  I provide a preliminary site analysis looking at physical and environmental characteristics that affect the property.  This includes property assessment  information, zoning, soils, wetlands, topography, etc.  Downtown Site Analysis






Rezoning Services:  If a rezoning is required, I will, if requested, consult and coordinate the rezoning effort.  If it is a straight forward rezoning, I may handle the rezoning all the way through the process.  If it a more Downrtown Zoningcomplicated matter, I will consult throughout the process in the event a lawyer is required to present the rezoning at public hearing.  I do not provide legal, surveying or engineering services, but will coordinate these services on behalf of my clients.




Minor Subdivision Services:  In the event where my client wants to create a minor subdivision (no streets) and the local jurisdiction allows, I will coordinate the process to completion. I will provide a sketch plan and Trimble Minor Sub R-12preliminary site analysis.  If approved by the local authority, I’ll coordinate the surveyor’s submission, etc.





Meetings:  Meetings required in relation to clients property may include pre-application meetings, staff meetings, planning commission and council meetings, etc.

Davis Drive Pre-App Conference Request Dec 2015Cary Davis Minor w-Easement


Public Hearings:  If an action is required by the local authority, I will represent my client and in most cases will handle the public hearing and all related activities.  If a lawyer is required to present the application at Downtown Public Hearingpublic hearing, I’ll support and coordinate with the attorney on behalf of my client.






Building Permits:  I’ll pick up and deliver permits on behalf of my clients.

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