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Market Your Business Your Way!


  • 100% Commission with NO Broker splits
  • Total Non-Competing Broker Support and Leads to help you be successful
  • Technology to Manage Transactions and Market your Business
  • Freedom to run your Company as you deem neccesary
  • Flexibility to work from Anywhere, Anytime on your terms
  • Training Support and Sessions, Mentoring Program, Formal Office and Meeting Space as needed

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Realtor Coaching

Advanced Technology Real Estate 100% Commission Brokerage



  • 100% Commission on Residential Transactions
  • $99 Agency Fee Monthly, Includes Office Space and Conferece Room as Needed
  • $795 Flat Fee Low Fee at Closing, No Hidden Fees
  • E&O Insurance Included at No Cost
  • -$99 Credit Monthly Credit for Each Agent Recruited
  • No Quotas and No Caps
  • No Front Desk Duty and No Monthly Desk Fee

It’s Your Business, Work Your Way, Anywhere, Anytime

  • Work from Home Office or Anywhere Else
  • Conference Room & Desk Space in 3 Area Office Locations as Needed for Meetings with Clients, Staff, Training, etc.
  • High-Speed Internet Fiber Opt
  • Large Screen Video Monitor for Client Meetings, Presentations and Staff Training
  • Printer, Copier High Speed Color Laser Printing
  • Off-Street Parking in Downtown with Easy Walking Acess to Restaurants and More

 Included Technology Package

  • Transaction Management & Paperless Back Office System
  • e-Sign Electronic Document Technology
  • Training and Support
  • Agent Website Setup and Support
  • Video Conferencing Easy to Use with Staff and Clients
  • Trello Project Management

Additional Included Benefits

  • Broker Support and Guidance
  • Non-Competing Broker
  • Mentoring Program 70%-30% Split
  • Co-Broke Commercial Projects 50%-50% Split
  • Company Leads at No Charge
  • No Quotas
  • No Desk Duty
SmartMAP New Realtor Considerations

New Realtor Considerations


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SmartMAP Video Communication

 SmartMAP Realty (SMR) Partner FAQ

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Number One Rule of Business: It’s Not How Much You Make, It’s How Much You Keep!

Work Smarter, Not Harder! Why give up 10%-50% of your Commission when you can Keep All of Your Hard-Earned Commission? We Don’t Take Part of Your Commission and then Spend Some of it on Awards and Banquets. We avoid the Awards, you keep the Money!

SmartMap Realty Offers: 

1. Branding and Technology

2. Support

3. Office Space

4. Training

5. Leads

6. Higher Commissions

SmartMAP Realty is Part of the New Wave Real Estate Brokerages that Combine an Independent Brokerage with 100% Commission to Give you a Powerhouse Model! In addition, you have Many Advantages Over the Competition including Setting Your Own Commission Rates and Offering Rebates to your Clients if desired!


Category: Commission

Category: Commission










Category: Commission

Commissions are Totally Negotiable and SmartMAP Realty has No Minimum Commission Requirement. As long as the Commission Rate is Legally Appropriate, you can charge any commission that you and your client agree to.


Category: Commission

SmartMAP Realty’s Broker is also a Land Planner with the expertise to analyze and coordinate Large Projects for Development. These projects usually require specialized abilities that the average Realtor does not have nor need in normal day to day operations. If a Business Partner brings a client/property to SMR. These Projects are Usually Large and Complicated, so SMR has the expertise and takes the lead doing most of the legwork involved while the Business Partner shares in a Larger than  Average Commission.


Category: Commission

Non-Competing Broker means the BIC (Broker In Charge) Does Not Actively Participate in Real Estate Sales in Competition with SMR Business Partners. The only time the BIC is involved in Commission Related Work is the Large Commercial Projects that require advanced expertise, or the Mentoring Program.


Category: Commission

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