Local Land Use Planning

SmartMAP.com Local Land Use Planning

City of Rehoboth Beach GIS Mapping System

Utilizing existing county parcel data, a new GIS Mapping System was created by SmartMAP.com for the City of Rehoboth Beach, successfully linking the tax information of both the county and municipality.  The GIS Mapping System for Rehoboth Beach includes tax numbers, account numbers, addresses, owner information, assessment information, pictures, and documents and zoning.  A grid of the Boardwalk was created to help identify and track construction projects, emergency situations, and basic features such as lights, cameras, and construction materials along the walkway.  An Equipment Database is included to aid in tracking trucks, pumps, generators, and other equipment during an emergency such as a hurricane.   Mapping overlays include Ortho Photos and Flood ZonesReporting Options include exporting address information of selected properties to an Excel mailing list.

City of Smyrna Zoning, Comprehensive Plan and Parcels

SmartMAP.com was commissioned to produce Zoning, Comprehensive Plan and Parcel Maps for the Town of SmyrnaSmartMAP.com used its existing resources from its previously creating the County Digital Parcels of Kent County which enabled the creation of the Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Maps with actual parcel locations.