Custom Projects provides custom, high quality mapping.  With access to multiple GIS layers, can create the map you need for your Presentations, Brochures, Slide Shows and has provided maps for Real Estate Agencies, State, County and Municipal Departments, Engineers, Surveyors, Schools and numerous others.

We can literally create any kind of Maps you may need.  We use our own data as well as publicly available information including the Internet, Parcel Maps, Assessment Data, Google Maps, as well as Client Data.  Following are some example’s that we have created.

Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce produced and annually updated County Map for a number of years for the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce.  The Chamber used this map to sell advertising and raise funds for Chamber Operations.  The Map was prepared in Layers which were delivered to a local printer to allow the creation of separate color templates to allow mass produced full color maps.


DEMA’s Chestnut Grove Map

The Delaware Emergency Agency (DEMA) contracted with to convert their scale model town to a Road Map for Homeland Security Training purposes.  Starting with the 24’ x 20’ model of Chestnut Grove, digitized the town, addressed all the properties and created a complete map including roads, rail roads, buildings, fire hydrants, hospitals, helicopter pads, parks, cemeteries, etc.

E-Z Pass Toll Roads Map provided E-Z Pass with a simple, easy to read map to use as a quick reference guide for E-Z Pass Employees.