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Parcel Mapping

SmartMAP.com created digital parcel maps for 2 of the 3 Delaware Counties.  Both Kent and Sussex Counties had no digital parcel maps at the time.   SmartMAP.com scanned and digitized all of the paper parcel maps and combined them into a  for Seamless Digital Parcel Map each entire county.   SmartMAP.com then linked the parcels to each County’s Assessment Data creating for the first time an entire Online Intelligent Parcel Mapping System.  Below is some information on the Sussex County Parcel Mapping Project.

Sussex County Parcel Mapping Project

SmartMAP.com was selected by Sussex County to create a seamless electronic property map of the entire county.  Sussex County was the last county in Delaware without digital parcels linking to assessment and other information and the successful completion of this project means all of Delaware parcels are now part of a digital linked parcel mapping system.  TMS created 2/3 of the digital parcels in the state.  Following are a couple of selected graphics from our PowerPoint slide show.

This graphic shows a Zoomed-in view of Parcels and Linked Database Table for the maps SmartMAP.com produced.  Previously each parcel map had to be maintained manually.  After creation of the SmartMAP.com system, Multiple Map Maintenance now only requires one Seamless Map.

To see the entire PowerPoint Presentation, click Sussex Parcel PowerPoint.

If you need a Free PowerPoint Viewer, click here.

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